Soft fudge Skriveru Gotina

With the first rays of sun touching the morning dew, and with the scent of freshly mown lawn begins the path towards the creation of the Skriveru Gotiņa candy. Far from metropolitan noise, in a meadown strewn with lush clover the cows calmly graze accom​ponied by the friendly humming of bees. Dressed in various vibrant patterns, they cater us with the highest quality organic milk.

Every day the fresh, warm and frothy milk makes its way to the Skriveru Gotiņa candy factory. Skriveru Gotiņa candy are produced accoding to a thoroughly crafted and nurtured recipe which has been passed on through generations. Simmering caramelized milk gets stirred in together with sugar. Pursuing a rich consistency, the mass is blended with glycose syrup, the highest quality sweet cream butter and a pinch of vanilla. Each day, the caramelized scent of the candies permeates Skriveri, composing a part of the towns charm.

Further, the sweet candy mass travels to the cooling tables. As soon as a certain cooling temperature is reached, the mass prepared by the candy connoisseurs is passed into the hands of the renowned Skriveru wrappers. Historically, the company maintained two candy-wrapping methods, adoped in Lizums and Skrīveri in the middle of the last century. Likewise, when passing the craft from one generation to the other nowadays, the wrapping methods are kept distinct. In Lizums, Skriveru Gotiņa candy is being wrapped mid-air, while the wrappers from Skrīveri carry out their work on the surface of a table.

Skriveru Gotiņa is also special in that it has various stages of readiness, each with its own circle of admirers. After the wrappers have accomplished their work, the candy continues its way to the packaging department. For the convenience of candy fans, the sweets have distinct packaging - vibrant and joyful, classic and elegant - suited for every taste. Only a short moment, and the candies will reach the right hands!

Enthusiasm and experience accompanies the Skriveru Gotiņa candy all the way of making. Excitement in the faces of gourmands of all ages brings fulfillment for a job well done! And tomorrow - with the first rays of sun touching the morning dew, and with the scent of freshly mown lawn the path of the Skriveru Gotiņa candy will begin anew!

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